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Beware of Toner Scams
Oct 12, 2023
PHONE ALERT: Copier Toner Scams Cost $$$

Several customers in and around the Lehigh Valley have reported receiving suspicious phone calls recently. Area businesses are being told that toner cost for their office equipment is...

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Kyocera Wins 12 BLI Awards, including Line of the Year and Most Color Consistent Brand
Feb 06, 2024
Kyocera Wins 12 BLI Awards, including Line of the Year and Most Color Consistent Brand

These awards serve as a reminder that Kyocera offers a broad portfolio of products that can exceed the requirements of people in working environments. “We are truly honored...

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Our customers are thrilled with our level of customer service.
Nov 08, 2023
Customers are thrilled with our service!

Our Net Promoter Score is 98.70 out of 100. Many companies claim that they have the "Best copier service in the business" but few even have a way...

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May 11, 2023
We are celebrating!

20 Years and Still Growing The Cyan Sky Technologies team would like to thank our customers. You helped us make the last 20 years a success. Cyan Sky Copier Technologies was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide award-winning...

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Sep 21, 2022
Avoid Frustration and Disappointment

5 Tips to Choose the Best Copier. You have choices. The best copier for you is one that cost-effectively accomplishes the business tasks that you need to be done. Finding the right partner is important, too. Service matters. You need...

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Sep 20, 2022
You Voted Us #1

And the Best Office Equipment Company Award goes to…. US! We’re excited to announce that the Cyan Sky Copier Technologies team has been named the TOP WINNER for the 2019 Lehigh Valley Business Reader Rankings Awards. We want to thank...

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May 23, 2022
Upcoming Gmail Security Settings Changes

Do you scan to email using a Gmail account? As of May 30th, Google's Gmail is updating its security protocols and will no longer allow a Less Secure app option. In the past, this is the setting that KYOCERA/Copystar devices...

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Mar 17, 2022
5 Ways to Save on Color Printing Costs

1. KYOCERA’s Tiered Color Technology means you only pay for the toner used on a page, saving companies 20% to 30% on overall color printing costs. 2. Job Accounting and other tracking features keep users accountable and limit color printing....

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