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Avoid Frustration and Disappointment

Sep 21, 2022

5 Tips to Choose the Best Copier.

You have choices. The best copier for you is one that cost-effectively accomplishes the business tasks that you need to be done. Finding the right partner is important, too. Service matters. You need to find experts who will prioritize your needs. Improve workflows and lower costs by doing your homework and selecting the right partner.

Here are a Handful of Questions to Help You Assess Needs. How many staff will use the machine and how many pages will be produced? Do you need fax capabilities? Do you need only black or full color? Do you need finishing options like staple or fold? Do you need Wi-Fi capabilities or will you connect by cable to your network?

Check the Operational Cost. Most organizations take a service contract to maintain their valuable equipment. What is the base cost and how many pages are included? What will extra pages cost? Is network support included?

Will You Get Great Support? Check websites, Google, and social media to find reviews on the company you are considering for partnership. How do other organizations report on service speed and efficacy?

How Easy is it to Use? If the manufacturer is new to you, ask for a demonstration to see a unit in operation. This is also a good way to meet a new potential partner.

Does it Meet Your Security Needs? Different industries have their own security standards. You will want to make sure that you are considering options that meet those needs, so make them known upfront.

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