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What is Your Most Important Document?

Jul 11, 2015

KYOCERA Document Solutions America recently released a new commercial that asks about your most important document. Of course, the answer is different for every person across an office. The core concept that KYOCERA is trying to relay is that the most important document is not a document at all, but rather what the document represents. Millions of documents are copied, printed, scanned, and stored every day and each one has a different meaning or importance level to an organization. Whether you’re a defense lawyer producing critical affidavits for the courtroom or a trusted doctor handing a patient a page of care instructions, each document carries an important message all its own.

Like KYOCERA, we realize just how important every document is to your business. At Cyan Sky, we help our customers maintain their professional image by providing KYOCERA Copystar office equipment that produces high-quality images and retaining experienced technicians that keep machines operating at peak performance. Customer needs are at the heart of how we work!

View KYOCERA’s newest commercial here:

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