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install Microsoft Windows update

Microsoft Windows Update

Mar 18, 2021

to resolve print driver issue


Microsoft has released update KB5001567 (Windows Pro) and update KB5001566 (Windows Home) to resolve the blue error screen received when trying to print. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not automatically delivered the update. You will identify the correct version for your computer, download and install it to permanently resolve the issue.

Click here for the catalog of KB5001567 update versions for Pro.

Click here for the catalog of KB5001566 update versions for Home.

(Find out about your computer > Settings > System > About)

Once you have identified the correct update version based on your computer, here are the steps to download and install:

1. Click download to the right of the correct update version

2. Right click on the link that appears in the new window and select open link in new window

3. Highlight the command bar and press enter on your keyboard

4. In the new download window, press save

5. When the download completes, double click to install

6. The install may take several minutes without movement showing in the progress bar, so don’t worry

7. Computer restart will be required

8. Once complete, remember to unpause your updates if you previously activated the pause updates option

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