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HOW TO: Invest in Your Business in 2017 and Save $$$, too

HOW TO: Invest in Your Business in 2017 and Save $$$, too

Dec 01, 2017

You know that copier that’s always jamming right as you’re running to an important meeting? The one that’s the source of all those accidentally dropped four-letter words in the office. The one that’s always beeping and blinking those red warning lights even when you swear you just refilled the paper.

Yeah, you know the one. And we’re here to tell you: It’s time to upgrade. (Don’t believe us? Here are 5 more signs it’s time to retire your current copier or printer.)

HOW TO: Invest in Your Business in 2017 and Save $$$, too

But that’s really good news. Turns out, right now is actually the most economical time to upgrade office equipment like printers and copiers, especially if you want to save money on your 2017 taxes. It’s all thanks to something called the Section 179 deduction.

Here’s how it works: Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during a tax year. That means when you buy or lease copiers or printers and put them into service before the end of 2017, then the full purchase price can be deducted from your gross revenue, saving you significant money on taxes.

The purpose of Section 179 is to encourage economic growth and help small businesses succeed by getting the equipment they need. So, get rid of that old copier or printer that keeps breaking down (or that doesn’t meet today’s security standards). Purchase a brand new copier or printer before the end of 2017 and Section 179 returns money to your wallet.

It’s not too late to take advantage of Section 179 in 2017. To reduce your tax liability before the end of the year, call us for details on available equipment and pricing at 610-865-8182.

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