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5 Signs that it’s Time to Retire Your Copier or Printer

5 Signs that it’s Time to Retire Your Copier or Printer

Nov 01, 2017

Your copier is a silent partner in your organization. It stands quietly along the wall or on a desktop, at the ready, patiently waiting in power saver mode until it’s time to assist you in producing, sending, or storing your documents.

But there’s little reason to think about that copier or printer until you encounter a problem. That’s when productivity goes down and hostility goes up. (Yep, we know what you call your copier in times of distress. We’ve been servicing office equipment for decades, so we’ve heard and seen it all.)

So, if you’re working with an older machine that yields increasingly more (totally warranted) expletives from you and your employees, how do you know when it’s the right time to trade it in for a new model? Here are 5 major signs.

1. Frequent Breakdowns That Hold Up Workflow

A broken down copier or printer essentially brings business to a halt, affecting short-term tasks and long-term business goals. And beyond that, it’s just plain bad for morale when you see staff standing around the copier looking angry. If you do the math, you might be surprised by how much that old copier is costing you in lost productivity and staff frustration. If your copier or printer is down more than once a quarter, it’s time to upgrade.

5 Signs that it’s Time to Retire Your Copier or Printer

2. Ever Increasing Costs To Run And Repair Your Machine

Just like any machinery, copiers get more expensive to maintain over time. More frequent service means more parts and labor and higher cost of operation. Plus, parts and supplies can get harder to find after about five years or so. Older equipment uses more electricity, too, so energy costs will be higher. If your service contract is rising in cost, it’s time to upgrade.


5 Signs that it’s Time to Retire Your Copier or Printer

3. Old Technology That Makes Your Confidential Information Vulnerable

Imagine your confidential customer or patient information getting into the wrong hands. Old technology is often no longer supported and updated by the manufacturer and may lack security features like encryption, authentication, private print, or password protection. For those in the healthcare field, a copier without data security isn’t HIPAA compliant. If your copier is no longer supported by the manufacturer, it’s time to upgrade.

4. Printing Quality That Isn’t What It Used To Be

5 Signs that it’s Time to Retire Your Copier or Printer

Old copiers and printers are kind of like unsharpened pencils–yes, you can still write with them, but that writing is fuzzy, unclear, and just plain sloppy. With older copier equipment, it’s not uncommon to see blurred or faded print, unusual spots, or marks and background. If your copies aren’t 99.9% as clean and clear as your original, it’s time to upgrade.

5. A Feeling That You’re Missing Out On The Fun Techy Stuff

Sometimes it’s not just about your old equipment. Sometimes it’s about the cool features and benefits that come along with modern technology. A notable example is wireless and NFC printing. If you have employees on the go, the ability to print from any mobile device can be incredibly valuable to your business. If you’ve got copier FOMO, it’s time to upgrade.

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