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Our Innovative Self-Recycling Toner Cartridge

Jun 20, 2019

Here’s a short video demonstrating the swap of empty black toner cartridge into new waste toner collection bottle, step-by-step.


For customers with a new KYOCERA/Copystar console copier MFP, the empty black toner cartridge becomes the new waste toner collection bottle. #GeniusCopier

When “Replace K(black)” toner message appears:

1. Open toner cover and waste toner cover with gentle push

2. Remove, bag, and recycle full waste toner collection container

3. Remove empty black toner, turn 180 degrees so gray end is up, and install as new waste toner container

4. Install new black toner with gray section at the end facing down

If you have any questions about changing or recycling your toner, give us a call at 610-865-8182. At Cyan Sky Copiers, better service is on the horizon.

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