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Introducing Cyan Sky to Lehigh Valley Businesses

Oct 10, 2016

Did you see us at the Lehigh Valley Business Expo? We were the bright, colorful folks with the cyan colored 2015 Lehigh Valley Business Expo Cyan Sky Boothcopier right as you walked in the door. Many people have asked, so here’s the story behind our cyan mobile mascot.

No, copiers don’t come in different color options. We just wanted to get your attention. We see you when you walk by, your eyes looking everywhere else to avoid making eye contact. We know the last thing you want to do is talk about copiers. But, we won’t be perpetuating your dread. See, here’s the thing: we love what we do!

We’re problem solvers and we’re passionate about helping our customers. Yes, you heard us right. We love our customers and we want to help them succeed. That’s what we are about and we want you to experience the difference. So, we were looking for a fun way to introduce Lehigh Valley businesses to our new Cyan Sky brand and got the bright idea of spray painting our very first office copier from 2003.

After digging it out of the warehouse and painting it, we decided to plug it in and test it. Guess what? It made a perfect copy! We helped several of our Expo neighbors by providing free copies when they ran out of promotional materials. Maybe we even helped you! And many of you added your own decorations, too!

Our cyan copier is now our mobile mascot! So, look for us next year and stop by to say hi. No need to hesitate; we’re not your average copier people.

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