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HOW TO: Avoid Counterfeit Toner

HOW TO: Avoid Counterfeit Toner

Sep 01, 2017



Where and how you source your supplies DOES matter!

Everyone wants to save $$, but all toner cartridges are not created equal. Counterfeit toner – both the contents and outside housing unit – are not made to the same exacting standards as genuine toner cartridges. Use of substandard counterfeit printing supplies can lead to damaged equipment, poor quality output, increased costs, and early warranty termination.

HOW TO: Avoid Counterfeit Toner

Our Industry is particularly susceptible to sham distributors because it is difficult to distinguish counterfeit products from those that are authentic until they are in use. You’ve heard of Xerox, right? They recently seized counterfeit toner that looked exactly like their genuine products! As part of a coalition, Xerox and other supply manufacturers have been battling the sale of counterfeit toner cartridges throughout the U.S. Remember, we will never call your office with a discounted toner offer!

How can you avoid becoming a victim of counterfeit toner? Put our experience to work for you and source your copying and printing supplies from a local partner you can trust. At Cyan Sky Copiers, we stand behind our products and services so you can be confident that our supplies are of the highest quality. After all, we want your
equipment to run well and produce quality documents just as much as you do!

If you ever have a doubt about a suspicious phone call or toner offer, just give us a call. We are committed to helping you and your business succeed.

Better service is on the horizon with Cyan Sky Copier Technologies.

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