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Every Day is Earth Day with KYOCERA

Apr 18, 2017
Every Day is Earth Day with Kyocera

Here at Cyan Sky, Earth Day is a reminder that we have a responsibility to protect our environment, not just on April 22nd, but every day of the year. That’s why KYOCERA makes such a great partner! They have been making green initiatives a priority with their KYOCERA Environmental Charter since 1991.

Every Day is Earth Day with Kyocera

KYOCERA’s Environmental Charter is based on the philosophy that development and economic growth may be pursued only when proper consideration is given to the balance between nature and society and environmental conservation. It provides for comprehensive measures on environmental protection, development of environmentally friendly products, energy conservation, climate change prevention, resource conservation, waste reduction, proper management of chemical substances and biodiversity protection.

Here are a few ways that KYOCERA works to create a low-carbon producing society that recycles and lives in harmonious coexistence with nature.

Every Day is Earth Day with Kyocera

KYOCERA Company-Wide Reduction Goals

Since founding the company with the motto “Respect the Divine and Love People,” KYOCERA has focused on the three pillars of coexisting with community, coexisting with global society and coexisting with nature. KYOCERA’s goal is to provide innovative, environmentally-friendly products that meet consumer needs with less impact to the environment. Every year, KYOCERA sets new global targets for conservation to protect resources and reduce their carbon footprint. Goals for the current year include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, reductions in energy usage, reductions in industrial waste emissions and reductions in water usage. Read more about KYOCERA’s environmental management system in Environment Vision 2020.

Every Day is Earth Day with Kyocera

KYOCERA ECOSYS Technology Printer Solutions

KYOCERA’s ECOSYS technology stands for economy, ecology and systems. Together, these features provide a combination of benefits that equate to lower cost per print for the customer and less waste in landfills. Conventional printers use an imaging cartridge that integrates drum, developer and toner into a single disposable unit. KYOCERA has separated the drum and toner in print and multifunction units. The toner is detachable from the long-life drum to eliminate the need for drum replacement when the toner is empty.

ECOSYS printers also feature a durable imaging system based on KYOCERA’s patented amorphous silicon print drum, a combination of ceramic and metal. With a surface that is second only to diamond in hardness, KYOCERA’s durable print drum is guaranteed up to 500,000 pages on some series models. That’s because tiny ceramic particles embedded in KYOCERA’s toner continually polish and recondition the drum during normal printing, virtually eliminating the need for replacement of the drum and other cartridge components (a task which is typically performed many times over the life of a conventional printer).

The result is printers and copiers which create less waste and have a lower comparable cost per print and less downtime, making them up to 45% less expensive to operate than comparative models and much more reliable. That’s how we can offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry!

Every Day is Earth Day with Kyocera

KYOCERA Award-Winning Packaging

With the launch of ECOSYS, KYOCERA shifted to paper-based packaging materials. KYOCERA’s ideal is to make all packaging materials reusable or recyclable. To eliminate all styrene (Styrofoam) packing materials and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, KYOCERA turned to corrugated cardboard. Molded pulp and recycled PET material also allow for customized cushioning. Take a look at the image below and see our high-performance packaging in action!

Innovative packaging designs also minimize packing material, allowing for more products per shipment. KYOCERA’s packaging has been praised for compact size and good shock absorption ability. KYOCERA won awards for packaging innovation from the World Packaging Organization seven years in a row! Click here to read about our newest award for a package gauge that employs a simpler structure, enabling easier and more economical production.

Every Day is Earth Day with Kyocera

KYOCERA Eco-Friendly Toner Cartridges

That’s how many empty toner cartridges end up in U.S. landfills every year!

Here’s another example of how KYOCERA fulfills their commitment to protect and preserve our environment. Two toner cartridges are pictured above. The one on the right is a KYOCERA toner kit and the one on the left is a competitor’s toner kit. It’s easy to see the difference. KYOCERA toner kits are 100% plastic. There are no metal or rubber components. KYOCERA produces an entirely plastic toner kit to make it easy to recycle. Just drop it into your mixed-use recyclable collection bin and it will go on to another use.

Want to join us in saving the planet? Give us a call at 610-865-8182.

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